The biggest Bruce Lee Statue in the world

For the fans of Bruce Lee, and the people who are fond of large outdoor bronze sculpture, they are surely delighted to hear and see the completion of 18-meter-height Bruce Lee bronze sculpture. How it is built and what its features are attract a lot of people to visit it.

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In the memory of King of Kungfu Bruce Lee, this 18-meter-height statue is built in Bruce Lee Paradise, which lies in Bruce Lee’s hometown Shunde, Foshan City, China. This paradise is the biggest memorial park of Bruce Lee in the world, with an area of 1.89 square kilometer, lying in this town just south of Guangzhou, China's third-largest city. This paradise is an ideal place for sightseeing, since it has green hill, clean water, the largest Bruce Lee Memorial Hall, and the large Bruce Lee Statue. Thus, the fans of Bruce Lee are able to know the whole life of the King of Kungfu, learning much precious material in the paradise. Of course, the 18-meter-sculpture has become the most popular scenic spot of the paradise.

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bruce lee

As the centerpiece of Bruce Lee Paradise, this large sculpture has earned a reputation from the sculpture community. This colossal statue, designed by the famous Professor Cao Chongen, was made of casting bronze, and finished with patina. After the statue was designed, the workers fabricate the statue part by part. The statue is too huge to make as a whole, so that each of it should be fabricated separately. After the upper part and the lower part of the body are respectively finished, they are loaded and transited to the site.

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As a new landmark, the 18-meter-height Bruce Lee attracts thousands of people to go sightseeing in this city. Tracing its fabrication, people may see the whole procedure of art fabricating a colossal statue, and more excellent sculptures made in the bronze casting foundry are also to be expected.