How to Make Amazing Garden Sculptures

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A lot of people are willing to decorate their garden with a sculpture, but they are pushed away by the price tag. As a result, some of them choose to make their own garden sculpture. If you want and think you are thoughtful, you can use cement and styrofoam to make one. Here are the steps about making an amazing garden sculpture. 

The first thing you are supposed to do is to plan your project, being either vague or detailed. You can try to paint it on paper, so that when you start to make, it will offer you valuable reference. After that, build a styrofoam base using glue to pin together pieces of recycled styrofoam, or, just go to a craft shop to buy one if you can't make by yourself.

garden sculpture

After the glue has dried and the base is stable, you can begin to carve the foam, and you have two main ways to do -- sharp knife and heated carver. For the first one, using a sharp knife will make a big mess so that you need to sweep after carving; for the other one, using a heated carver will produce some terrible fumes, so that you'd better do it in the open air. Then mix the sand and concrete to make the concrete mixture, and remember to make the concrete sticky. When material is ready, you can use the concrete to coat the foam, what you need to do is to pat handfuls of the mixture on to it. At the beginning, you may feel difficult, but you will get used to it soon. The concrete mixture will be set in about one hour, so you should do it quickly.

After finishing coating, you should put the sculpture in the sun for one day, making sure each layer to set. When it becomes solid, you can start to apply other layers on it, like oxides for color. When you are doing it, you can add some and detail and features to make the sculpture more impressive. For example, before the sculpture is set, you can press marbles or tiles into the final coat. 

Till now, the sculpture is almost completed. What you should do is to wait until it becomes dry, and now you have made your own amazing garden sculpture. It seems not so hard to do it, however, if you want to equip your garden with more fantastic and marvelous sculpture, you can turn to professional garden sculpture manufacturer. Memorysculpture specializes in designing and manufacturing stainless steel sculpture, bronze sculpture, and other kind of sculptures, and is good at making garden sculptures that you like.