4 Key steps to make a high-quality casting bronze sculpture

We know that it is normal for Chinese bronze foundries to fabricate casting bronze sculpture by wax-lost or sand casting, but how to make a nice work?  There are 4 key steps we should keep our eyes open, the following: 

Step 1: Sculpting Clay Model Perfectly. Clay model is the fist and most important step to guarantee the value of sculpture and it is too difficult to change the shape after finish the casting, so the sculptor will work harder than other steps.

Step 2: Fixing the wax model carefully. The wax model decide the final shape of sculpture and we can save time and works of repair, therefore, it should be fixed exactly like the original clay model.

Step 3: Welding and Polishing the casting bronze professionally. We often hear people say "Why I can not see the welding joints?" Because the welder is professional and experienced and can make the same texture.

Step 4: Making the patina. With the development of technology, we can make the sculpture more colorful and enduring, like jade. Memorysculpture Co., LTD. is good at doing the patination.

Last but not least, good work is also depending on the fully understanding and good communication.

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