A Model Stainless Steel Sculpture Fabrication: Birds-homing

stainless steel sculpture fabrication

Have you ever seen the scene that a lot of birds home at the same time? When hundreds of birds fly back to their nests group after group, the shocking scene should be impressive to anyone. What if a large outdoor sculpture is made according to such a scene? 
If you are interested in such a sculpture, the place you should visit is Yuexiu Financial Building in Guangzhou City, where the large stainless steel sculpture Birds-homing stands.

Birds-homing is made of stainless steel with a marble pedestal. This large sculpture has a height of 12.3 meter, just like a big tree standing among the high buildings and large mansions. The body of the sculpture can be divided into three parts: trunk, nest and birds. The surface of the nest is overgilded, and over the nest, a group of birds are homing. In other word, the whole sculpture is a group of birds fly back to their nest which is built on the trunk. 
When you look at the large sculpture, you may feel its meaning of “home”. According to its designer Zeng Zhenwei, who is a professor from Academy of Arts, Jinan University, and the Chinese Zone President of Asian Landscape Architecture Association, Birds-homing refers to the citizens that live in the city, far away from the nature. The sculpture reminds them of themselves, this building is their home, thus, when they come to work in the buildings, it seems that they are at home. 

As a matter of fact, it is not easy to fabricate a large sculpture like Birds-homing. In order to fabricate it, the sculptor should make it separately. First of all, they make a skeleton according to its design, and make original clay mold. After that, they apply plaster mold and silicone mold to duplicate a wax pattern. The following part is using sanding-casting and lost-waxing to fabricate. And the top part of the sculpture – birds are built by forging small corrosion resistant plate. After every part of the sculpture is casted, they are loaded to the site to install.

As a model stainless steel sculpture fabrication, Birds-homing has become a new landmark of Yuexiu Financial Building. Besides Birds-homing, there are other amazing outdoor sculptures outside the buildings, it is worthy visiting for a sculptures fan. 

stainless steel art sculpture